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Gas Turbine Technology Theory
An intensive five day course which is suitable for engineers and senior technicians who want to understand the theory of gas turbines and their industrial applications. The course traces the development of the gas turbines and the major technological changes that have taken place in the last 70 years of development up to the latest advances in metallurgy.
Date: TBA
Duration: 5 day(s)
Price: 500
Outcome: Roger Grice Associates Certificate of attendance
Featured Courses
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Merger with GTS
Merger with GTS, Abu Dhabi
Sentrico installation
Sentrico latest installation
Competency Management System -Critical Steps
Competency Management System -Critical Steps
Featured Articles

Assessment and Selection Centres

One of the strengths of assessment centres is that they allow a broad range of selection methods to be in used in the recruitment process.

Such a broad range of selection methods is essential in an organisations' effort to predict job performance, as well as determining present and likely future job skills.

Assessment centres can assist the whole recruitment process be giving candidates experience of a microcosm of the job while testing them on work-related activities as individuals and in groups.

At Roger Grice Associates, we can help you in the design of an assessment centre that will reflect: -

  • the ethos of your organisation
  • the actual skills and competencies required to carry out the job
  • the organisations' HR strategy

We can help you design and deliver an assessment centre that will reflect the reality of the job and the organisation. We will identify tasks that will link with the job description and person specification. Most importantly, the process will deliver a fair selection process in the time taken, the number of tasks set and the opportunities for candidates to show different aspects of their abilities and competencies.

Previous Assessment and Selection projects

Peru LNG - Find out how 48 trainees from over 2,900 applications from local Peruvians were selected to take part in a local development program for the new Peru LNG plant in Melchorita

How can an assessment centre help your organisation?

Attendance at an assessment centre can help the candidate to assess working for the organisation. New recruits have high expectations and disappointment can be a destructive influence if the assessment centre has encouraged them to believe the job or organisation fits their values if, in fact, it does not.

Furthermore, candidates who attend assessment centres which genuinely reflect the job and the organisation are often impressed by that company, even if they are rejected.

Our Consultancy Services

Technical Competency Development Set up in-house training centres
  Health & Safety Set up of City & Guilds/BTEC/EdExcel centres
Manage Talent Pipelines Technical English Training
  Recruitment Selection Techniques   Identify Training Needs
  Assessment and Selection Centres Corporate Mentoring and Coaching
  Performance Management E-learning and Computer Based Learning

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